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Insurance Claims Process

Place your home in the hands of our qualified roofing professionals. FBO Roofing & Contracting specializes in handling restoration contracts and working with insurance adjustors to best serve your needs.

Follow this seven step process to a new roof:

  1. Contact a local FBO Contracting office for a free inspection.
  2. Contact our insurance company to file a claim
    • a. Inform the insurance company of the date of incident
    • b. Let them know your property was examined by a qualified contractor who has found hail damage.
    • c. Ask for and receive a claim number, which you will provide to your FBO Contracting project manager.
  3. Your FBO Contracting project manager and the insurance adjustor will visit your property to identify storm-related damage. Your insurance company will notify you of the date & time of this visit. Once your property has been inspected, the adjustor will then submit a report to the insurance company.
  4. Follow up with your insurance company:
    • a. They should send you a “Loss Summary” report detailing the scope of damage an estimate of the cost to repair the damage.
    • b. You should receive a partial payment from them, known as ACV check. This is the first of two checks you will receive from them.
  5. Schedule the project:
    • a. Your FBO Contracting project manager reviews the Loss Summary report to ensure the agreed-upon scope of damages is complete and accurate.
    • b. You select your materials and colors
    • c. You and your FBO Contracting project manager determine a construction date that best suits your schedule.
  6. During the project:
    • a. Materials will be delivered to your home. Please contact your project manager upon delivery.
    • b. Review our “building process” section of this website for specific recommendations.
    • c. FBO Contracting will obtain a permit from your town or county & ensure all work is completed in a professional and timely manner
  7. Payment & Warranty:
    • a. FBO Contracting collects one payment from you upon delivery of the material. Upon completion of your new roof, FBO Contracting will send a final invoice to your insurance company who will in-turn release any remaining funds.
    • b. If necessary, FBO Contracting coordinates with your mortgage company about checks that require two endorsements.
    • c. Upon completion of work and receipt of payment in full, you may request a Lien waiver and applicable warranty information.

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